Military History Research Centre (Aust.)


The Team

The Military History Centre (Aust.) was registered on the 12th December 2005, committed to delivering historical information for the period 1794-1975. With the registered office in Canberra, we aspire to delivery personal military profiles world-wide, in a manner not previously available. To contact us, please email

The MHRC team consists of a small group of Historians, Researchers and Conservators, all dedicated to the support of the website databases through narrating the personal and unit histories of millions of military personnel and thousand of units, while the conservators restore/conserve the artworks, uniforms, medals and diaries collections that represent one hundred and eighty years of international conflict.


The Mission

The Military History Research Centre (Aust.) is a privately funded organisation, a part of a lager, diversified group, founded in December 2005 and dedicated to:

Consolidating the pre-written narratives of service personnel; those who have participated in wars fought in a one hundred and eighty period (1794-1975) and bring them into a single point of reference, this website.

Acquiring, conserving and presenting artefacts of historic significence to the military services (Army Navy, Air Force and Medical) that participated in the military campaigns during the period defined above.

Providing a publicly accessible research reference library and galleries to assist in the advancement of research and recording the people and events relating to the abovementioned period.
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