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Military Service Records

We Provide

  • Pre-prepared and documented military service records and unit histories of those who have served in military campaigns between the beginning of the Sudan Campaign (1884) and the end of the Vietnam War (1975) for the education of present and future generations. Other databases will be added as they become available.
  • Comprehensive service records, Unit histories, medals records and burial information
  • An overview of the battles in which the individual service personnel participated.

  • The Databases

    Currently, this website is supported by a number databases that provide genealogical information about personnel who have served in the Armed Services of the Sudan Campaigns, Zulu Campaign, Anglo-South African Campaigns, World War I, World II, Korean and Vietnam Wars, inclusive of all countries involved. Not all databases are ready for release but are being updated regularly. Each database will be made available as it is completed to informative levels. To assist with the release of the databases, we invite and accept contributions of personal biographies, personal anecdotes, unit details, letters, diaries and personal artefacts from individual contributors, all of which undergo professional conservation and archiving. As each database is released, it is listed below. If you think you are able to assist, please email: Credits for all sources of information, which constitute the contents of the databases, are itemised on the 'Credits' link below.

    Research Services

    The MHRC provides research services for those who find it difficult to access required document in the Australian War Memorial and the National Archives of Australia, in Canberra. Staff members are registered Research Agents and assist family genealogists (interstate and international), historical societies, authors and professional researchers. For General Research Enquiries, please email:

    Join the Team

    The effort to collate the profiles of service personnel, for the period between the Napoleonic and Vietnam wars, is extensive and ongoing. To assist with the database collection, the MHRC has a team, largely of volunteers, without whom this work would be exhaustive. The MHRC actively seeks additional volunteers to assist with the extensive research and data management effort. Volunteers are always welcome and can possibly work from any part of the world. Volunteers and staff alike are bound by the MHRC privacy and confidentiality policies. Wish to join the team? Please email:, we would love to hear from you.

    Currently Available Databases

  • Sudan War (1885): New South Wales
  • Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902): New Zealand
  • Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902): Australia
  • Great War (1914-1918): Australia
  • Second World War (1939-1945): Australia