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The Military History Research Centre website is a pay-as-you-go search engine that provides a considerable amount of information about individuals who have served in campaigns between 1850 (Crimea) and 1975 (Vietnam) wherever that information is publically available. We do not publish digitised documents and leave you to do the research; we do it for you. This section provides a brief explanation of the purpose and function of the essential navigation links, displayed on the menu bar, to the left, and the corporate links below. All links will be available wherever you may be in the MHRC website. They are the most commonly used and are designed to assist you to view the section of the website of greatest interest to the User/Researcher and to understand the rights and obligations of the User and the Military History Research Centre (MHRC). Each link is listed below, accompanied by a brief description. Happy hunting.

The Home link will take you to the very first page, which describes the services and search facilities provided by the MHRC, the currently available databases. As other database are completed, they will be added to the list.

Getting Started

This page, where you are now, offers simple-to-follow guidance around the website. Should you get lost, simply click on the Getting Started link and refer to the relevant information.

Database Search

The 'Database Search' link displays the Login page where a registered user can enter their user identification (email address) and password. Clicking the 'Login' button will provide access to the database search engine. An opportunity for the user to change a password ID is offered on the Login page. Please be aware that a user's password is not stored in open text in the authentication database. It is heavily encrypted and cannot be read by system administrators or staff. Please do not ring or email with a request to remind you of your password, we cannot read it. In the case of forgotten password, please use the 'Forget Password?' link and follow the prompts.


The shop (Eshop) is facility to allow individual purchases of a range of products relevant to military history and to the conservation of valuable family artefacts. The range is updated weekly. To access the shop, the purchaser must first register and login. Credit and Debit cards or, alternatively, PayPal, are all accepted forms of payment. Should you have special request for product, please email and we will endeavour to satisfy your enquiry.

Contact Us

For all contact points, see the Contact Us link to the left. You are guaranteed a response from a walking, talking, human being.